Sustainable decorating

August 28, 2019

A new home is the perfect ‘fresh start’, everything brand new, no work to be done and a whole array of benefits. However, white walls may become a little boresome over time, so you may be itching to get the paint brushes out and splash out on getting your home exactly as you wish.

With this said, it is becoming more apparent that we need to live more sustainably and choose more eco-friendly options, even when it comes to decorating your home.

Non-toxic paint

Many over the counter paints that we find on our shelves have been full of toxic chemicals which are harmful to you, even after it has dried. We call these VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Now, there are paints available which are made with new techniques which are VOC-free and less harmful to our environment. To find these paints, look for ‘non-toxic’ and ‘natural’ labels on the pots. Alternatively, you could ask a store assistant.

Bringing old furniture to life

Giving your old furniture a new lease of life can be extremely satisfying, also known as ‘upcycling’. This is a popular trend in many homes, which helps you to put beautiful pieces into your new home without costing you a fortune, from coffee tables to dining tables, chairs and bedside cabinets. Little things such as changing the handles or knobs and giving it a paint (using non-toxic paint) can make all the difference. Check out your local charity shops and giveaways on local pages.

Green indoors

Indoor potted plants don’t only look fantastic, but they do great things for us! Succulents and indoor greenery are a huge trend at the minute and can transform your home so simply. They are great air purifiers, getting rid of harmful carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. You can pick them up for reasonable prices from garden centres, and even some supermarkets. Why not make this a feature throughout your home?